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Prestressed Concrete Inspection in Riverside, CA

Does your project require a Prestressed Concrete Deputy Special Inspector in Riverside, California? We can assist you! Finding a qualified Prestressed Concrete Deputy Special Inspector is starting to become more and more exhaustive due to the effort in obtaining the certification through the International Code Council. But not to worry, here at Riverside Deputy Special Inspection, we are certified and skilled in the prestressed concrete niche. We have endured rigorous education and continuous hours of training in order to obtain the ICC Prestressed Concrete certification. Don’t hesitate in contacting us directly through our website, social media or phone number at (951) 900-1727 for a free Deputy Special Inspection Prestressed Concrete consultation in Riverside California!

Prestressed Concrete: What is it and why is it vital?

Prestressed concrete is a form of reinforced concrete that is highly prestressed or tensioned during construction. Prestressed concrete is a structural building technique that endures calculated engineering stresses placed in a structure that offsets the load. This is a mixture of concrete’s high compressive strengths and steel’s high tensile strength when tensioned. First presented in the late-nineteenth century by a civil structural engineer by the surname of Eugene Freyssinet in France, this method was implemented in such a manner that it strengthened concrete against tensile forces which happened when in usage. The prestressed concrete technique installation has only grown worldwide and is used internationally.

There are two categories of PT concrete we at Riverside Deputy Special Inspection are acquainted with: pre-tensioned and post-tensioned. These tendons can be stressed via mono-strand (each strand of wire is stressed separately) or multi-strand (all wires or strands in a tendon are stressed together). Tendons may be placed within concrete or wholly outside of the concrete. While pre-tensioned concrete uses tendons directly fixed into the concrete, post-tensioned concrete can be used either option. We will go over a bit of this to provide you and any potential clients that are reading this now an awareness of what prestressed concrete is.

Pre-Tensioned Concrete Deputy Special Inspections

Pre-tensioned concrete is a kind of prestressed concrete where the tendon cables are stressed prior to concrete being cast. When concrete finally dries with the tendons still under tension, the dead-end anchoring of these cables is released, affecting the tension to be shifted to the concrete. Pre-tensioned concrete is frequently used for the building of slab foundations, decks, structural girders, lintels, water tanks, concrete pipes, etc.

Pre-tensioning is a common prefabrication practice where a final concrete portion or segment is made offsite and shipped to a location where it is erected once fully cured. This allows several segments to be fabricated from start to finish which can be very convenient in localities where cast-in-place concrete and post tensioned procedures are not realistic.

Deputy Special Inspections for Post-Tensioned Concrete

Post-tensioned concrete is an alternative technique to prestressed concrete where the tendons are tensioned after concrete has been cast. It is vital that concrete reaches a minimum psi (typically noted on the approved structural plans) before beginning stressing operations to reduce any damage of newly placed concrete or any possible danger of seriously injuring or killing nearby workers or pedestrians. In order to verify that concrete has reached a minimum psi, concrete cylinder samples are cast during concrete placement. These same samples are brought to a lab and tested. We know that some developments request early breaks in order to strip forms, raise panels, or continue work on a structure to start building the next portion of a project. We at Riverside Deputy Special Inspection are knowledgeable and skilled to provide you these same services.

Riverside Deputy Special Inspection Stressing Procedures

At Riverside Deputy Special Inspection, we know that if it be prestressed, pre-tension, post-tension or soil nail stressing, calibration sheets are to always be verified prior to work commencing. You can count on us to get your project done right the first time!

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