Riverside rebar tie wire deputy special inspection
Reinforced Concrete in Riverside, CA

Are you searching for a Riverside reinforced concrete deputy special inspector for your existing or ongoing project in California? Well, this is the right place to search for! Here at Riverside Deputy Special Inspection, we are here to aid you with all your reinforced concrete deputy special inspection necessities. We are certified and licensed in reinforcing steel inspection of single-story residential homes to high rise buildings, built from the ground up!

We know that Deputy Special Inspectors are to be certified individuals that deliver either continuous or periodic inspection services on construction sites to confirm that work being built is per city approved plans, not only for the structural integrity but for the well-being of the public! We struggle to do nothing less than perfect so that buildings are constructed in accordance with city approved plans and specifications when it comes to reinforced concrete deputy special inspections!

Understanding structural plans can be complicated! From confusing foundation plans to unclear reinforcing steel details. That’s why at Riverside Deputy Special Inspection, we can be of assistance! We are knowledgeable in interpreting city approved plans and building codes so that our clients don’t have to. Don’t delay in contacting us directly through our website, social media or phone number at (951) 900-1727 for a free quote!

Why is Installing Reinforcing Steel in Concrete Important?

Many ask, “Why is installing reinforcing steel in concrete so important? Is this really necessary?”.Concrete that is reinforced, in layman terms, is rebar that is embedded in concrete, either by rods, bars or mesh. Is it laid out in such a way that the two materials act together in a resisting force.This rebar, if placed per approved plans, will absorb the tensile, shear, and the compressive stresses in a concrete construction. Concrete that is not built with reinforcing steel may not endure these stresses caused by earthquakes, winds, vibrations, and other movable forces. Therefore, it is fundamental for concrete to be installed with reinforcing steel to ensure a structure is well built. When a structure is properly built per approved plans and specifications, this reinforced concrete assembly can allow the parts of it as a whole to withstand these pressures over substantial lengths. The implementation of reinforced concrete first began in the 19th century and changed the construction industry forever. Concrete and reinforcing steel have developed into one of the world’s most typical building structures.

What Precisely Does a Deputy Special Inspector Inspect When Doing A Reinforcing Steel Inspection?

When an inspector gets on a jobsite, the first thing that is typically requested from the builder or client are the approved set of drawings. For an inspector to perform the job correctly, he or she will first want to see what size rebar is being installed and in what spacings are called out. Anywhere from minor structural details to the general notes, we at Riverside Deputy Special Inspection are very careful when it comes to special inspection. We want our clients and builders to succeed and ensure that they are building it correctly. Once rebar details are found, we ensure that all reinforcing steel is installed per approved plans with correct bar sizes, spacings, clearances, cleanliness of bars or footings, ensuring rebar does contain excess rust, etc.

Once work is finished per accepted plans, a complete report is turned in to the builder or client stating whether work has been installed per plan or not. Don’t hesitate in contacting us directly through our website, social media or phone number at (951) 900-1727 for a free consultation!