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Shear Wall Nailing in Riverside, CA

Are you in search of a Riverside Shear Wall or Roof Nailing Deputy Special Inspector in California near the Inland Empire? Don’t delay, call us now! We at Riverside Deputy Special Inspection are qualified and skilled in this very niche through the International Code Council. With years of hands-on experience and practical training, we are here to assist you whether it be for a commercial or residential job. You can contact us directly through our website, social media or phone number at (951)900-1727 for a free shear wall or roof nailing inspection in Riverside California!

As a shear wall or roof nailing inspector, it is our job to make sure that work is completed per city approved plans and code with the correct nail sizes, nail spacings, wood sheathing sizes, wood sheathing lengths, wood sheathing thicknesses, anchor bolt hold downs, nailing plates (such as LTP5 clips or A35 clips), straps, tie downs, etc. We know that all the nailing parameters called out on the plans can be different for each shear wall on a specific project depending on what floor it is located at. According to the California building code, a deputy special inspector is required to verify all shear wall installations where the necessary nail spacing is 4” on center or less. Any nail spacings that exceed 4” normally does not need deputy special inspection.

Before coming to a job for any scheduled shear wall nailing inspections, it is advisable that the work be installed in advance in order for work to be efficient and effective without wasting time and money to the client. The purpose of this is because nailing inspection is periodic which means a deputy inspector does not need to be on site the whole time for all nailing and hardware installation. Nail spacings and related materials to shear wall or roof inspection is only needed for the final touches prior to covering or closing the exterior shear walls.

What exactly is a shear wall and why is it needed? In wood framing building, a wood shear wall assembly is a key part to constructing a structurally safe building.

A normal wall may offer privacy, support for a roof, support a floor above or support for a ceiling. A shear wall on the other hand can have these same characteristics but also have a distinctive role in which its main purpose is to counteract bending or torsional forces caused by earthquakes, wind loads or other severe weather like forces. These forces of nature can result in serious damage or even potential failure of a building’s structure if the work was incorrectly implemented on these key structures. That is why it is imperative to hire us at Riverside Deputy Special Inspection to confirm the work being completed is done per the city approved set of structural plans and code.

It doesn’t matter if your project has several shear walls at several stories, or your project is a small single-story building, we can assist! There is no job too large or too little for us to inspect. Call us for a free consultation if you have any questions about your wood shear wall building.